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JB Schirtzinger has been an author for many works. Though he started by being a published poet, he has since moved to longer forms of composition, although he still has a fondness for good poetry.

JB had the good luck to be an author at a time when authors are being devalued more and more as the expectation of information and content being available “for free” has become normative. As one might imagine, this can put a damper on writing since one must, at times, do things that produce some form of income. Nonetheless, JB has been able to publish three editions of his ground-breaking meditation book, How To Do Nothing Well. The Second Edition release was interrupted by a little something called “Covid”. Epidemics can be so inconsiderate of art!

How To Do Nothing Well Third Edition incorporates material that can be best described as “Essene Dead Sea Scroll” stuff. This material is interpreted and reinforced as a meditation discipline. The Gospel Of Mary Magdalene, and the Gospel of Thomas are included with commentary and as these books are usually considered to be Gnostic, it is hoped that the meditation technique described links the Eastern and Western systems of thought seamlessly as well as integrates both those that consider themselves “faithful” with those that would believe that their religion ought to have them “know something”.

The old meditation methods linking the East are also present, along with some brief discourse on astrology, reincarnation, and its place within these frameworks.

After over ten years of both meditating and writing this book, JB Schirtzinger has some unique insights that are sure to enrich your spiritual life. How To Do Nothing Well the Third Edition is a no-brainer purchase since the digital format is not much more than a cup of elegant coffee from Starbucks.

You can find more of JB’s writing at jbschirtzinger.com.

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