The Rogue Scholar The Rogue To Victory –Digital Download


An epic sci-fi adventure written in 2010 where a scientific breakthrough changes the world and radically alters the lives of three seemingly ordinary people. What will they believe about themselves and the world in which they live, and who, or what, is the Rogue Scholar?

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Sal Grimone is a GREAT DECEIVER! He gets paid to digitally implement his deceptions. Unfortunately for him, his neat world is about to be rocked by the unexpected intersection of other members of the reality he inhabits. And oh yeah, the line between reality and fiction has been made thin by the birth of a thing called the “Holonosphere”. Everyone is struggling with metaphysical problems brought about by this. A few people might just change the world by how they answer and act…

The Rogue Scholar The Road to Victory was written back in 2010.


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